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Meet our president!

As the new term approaches and we prepare to welcome a new cohort of freshers to Cambridge, we're beginning a new series of blog posts to in which members of the current committee answer a series of questions about what their roles involve, how they got started in Cambridge theatre, and (crucially) what kind of snacks they like to bring to rehearsals. This week, to start things off, we have our wonderful and talented President, Annika Hilgert! Annika is a third year at Selwyn College, and studies HSPS.

Thanks for starting off this series, Annika! So, first up:

when did you first get involved with theatre?

I first got involved in theatre when I was 15 years old, in school. I got involved in the after-school Drama Clubs as the Stage Manager for our school musical ‘Pippin’. From there, I started acting in and directing for other school productions.

What was your experience in Cambridge Theatre like before getting involved with the Marlowe Society?

My experience in Cambridge Theatre was very good, I got involved in a bunch of productions before I started working on the Marlowe Arts Show 2020. There are so many different opportunities, so I tried out lots of different roles and venues - I was a stage manager, a producer, a director, and I also became involved in the Selwyn Theatre Society.

What prompted you to get involved with the Marlowe society?

I first got involved in 2019 as one of the Producers for the Arts Show 2020 - Othello, which was a super fun and rewarding experience and I learnt a lot. Then, because producers of Marlowe productions also sit on the Marlowe society committee, I started engaging with all the other activities of the Marlowe which I wasn’t really aware of before! After that committee cycle came to an end, I ran to be President!

What does your role involve?

As President, I chair and prepare all society meetings and I have an overall plan and vision of the goals of the committee for the year. I also coordinate different activities of the committee, generally help out with issues that arise in different areas, and liase with different people and organisations on behalf of the Marlowe. Currently, I am also working on a new Marlowe project called ‚Prometheus (Re)Bound‘

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. How did you cope with the challenge of keeping the society active in lockdown?

I think overall I coped quite well because the lockdown-induced pause actually gave me time to get a lot of administrative work for the society done. We managed to set up a new bank account and a new constitution for the society throughout lockdown, which we would have probably had less time for during a regular year. We also started planning all the exciting events and productions we are going to put on next term, which was super fun.

What are your plans over the next year and what are your most excited about?

I am most excited about getting to work on our new project, Prometheus (Re)bound

Sounds brilliant! Okay, now for the most important question of all. What's your favourite rehearsal snack?

Definitely biscuits, probably chocolate digestives or custard creams.

An excellent snack choice! And for one final bonus question, what's the best prop you‘ve ever used?

A purple dagger that glows in the dark and had sparklers attached to it.

Thank you so much for that, Annika! Be sure to stay tuned for the next in our ‘meet the committee’ series, coming up very soon....

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