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The Other Prize

The Other Prize is a writing prize open to current students of the University of Cambridge. The Prize is £500 (put up by the John Kinsella/Tracy Ryan Trust), though a shared prize may be awarded in the event of two equally appropriate candidates, or no prize given based on the standard of entries. Plays will be accepted that are original, have been only workshopped or given rehearsed readings; and also plays extracts from which had been performed, but not plays which will have already had a full complete production.


Adjudication will be in two stages. A shortlist will be selected by a panel consisting of one appointed by Churchill College, one by a member of the Education Studies with Drama staff, one by the Marlowe Society. Final adjudication will be by the commissioning editor of Methuen Drama (Bloomsbury Publishing).


For details on how to enter please see the Churchill College website here. If you have any questions about submission please contact Sarah Partridge ( The deadline for submissions is Friday, March 18th - the last day of Lent Full Term. The script must not bear the author’s name.

For more information, see our submissions pack  here


Past winners of The Other Prize:

2021: Heroes, by Chakira Alin

2020: No One Needs to Know, by Will Leckie

2019: Telescope, by Aaron Kilercioglu

2017: Bromley Bedlam Bethlehem, by Rachel Tookey

2016: Tweet no Evil, by Lilly Posnett, and Dominion, by Gregory Forrest

2015: Living Quarters, by William Hutton and Jamie Rycroft

2014: war war brand war, by Thom May

2013: Occupied, by Harry Buckoke

2012: Kind, by Isobel Cohen

2011: Bird Pie, by Simon Ryle

2010: Fired Up, by Annabel Banks

2006: 1,2,3…, by Luke Roberts

2005: Camera Obscura, by Ned Beauman

2004: Rostov’s House, by James Topham

2003: Off Limits, by Emily Critchley

2002: Wanting to Laugh Best, by Jack Thorne

2000: August, by David Humphries

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