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marlowe society

Rehearsals for SCENE, dir. Lola Olufemi and Martha Krish


One of the Marlowe Society's focal points is encouraging budding playwrights at all stages of their student writing careers. To this end, Marlowe has traditionally run a playwriting group, meeting biweekly to give students a space to work on scripts, discuss their plays with other aspiring writers, and share feedback with one another.


This space encourages students to submit to another of Marlowe's ventures, the termly HATCH Night. Held at the ADC Bar, HATCH collects original short plays and extracts of longer pieces for an evening that aims to showcase exciting new writing as well as providing students with a chance to test material on a live audience in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.


Rehearsals for Living Quarters, 2015 The Other Prize Winner, dir. Will Hutton and Jamie Rycroft

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