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2015 Arts Show: Henry V. Photo: Johannes Hjorth


The Marlowe Arts Show 

The Marlowe Arts Show is one of the largest productions on the Cambridge calendar. Each year the a Cambridge student director teams up with a professional director and a cast and crew compiled of some of Cambridge University's most talented actors and technicians, giving them a chance to learn and gain experience under a professional creative team at the Cambridge Arts Theatre.

Recent Arts Show Productions

2023: A Midsummer Night's Dream, dir. Derek Bond. Assistant Director: Aoife Pallister Begadon.

2022: A Midsummer Night's Dream, dir Alice Hamilton. Assistant Director: Molly Taylor, Ilona Sell.

2020: Othello, dir. John Haidar. Assistant Director: Erika Price.

2019: Much Ado About Nothing, dir. Richard Beecham. Assistant Director: Geraint Owen.

2018: Romeo and Juliet, dir. Tom Littler. Assistant Director: Anastasia Bruce-Jones.

2017: Edward II, dir. Caroline Steinbeis. Assistant Director: Maria Montague.

2016: Measure for Measure, dir. Tom Littler. Assistant Director: Robbie Taylor-Hunt.

2015: Henry V, dir. Lisa Blair. Assistant director: Atri Banerjee. 

Rehearsals for 2016 Arts Show: Measure for Measure. Photo: Johannes Hjorth


Rehearsals for 2017 Arts Show: Edward II


2018 Arts Show: Romeo and Juliet

2019 Arts Show: Much Ado About Nothing

2020 Arts Show: Othello 

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