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The Marlowe Society statement on anti-racist action

The Marlowe Society stands against racism and inequality. We stand with the Black community in defence of Black lives. The killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd - among many - have shown the world that the onus of dismantling white supremacy and racism is on everyone. 


The Marlowe society objectives include to encourage new writing for the theatre, to study drama with a view to developing skills, and acting as a link between student and professional theatre. Both the professional theatre industry at large and the Cambridge theatre scene affected by systemic and structural racism, and we have to acknowledge that many, including the Marlowe Society, are complicit in perpetuating this system. While the society has taken steps in the right direction with setting up the BME Shakespeare, it is naive to assume that this is enough. We are committed to using the resources and platform of the Marlowe Society to address structural racism in the theatre community and to amplify and centre the voices and works of people of colour. 


As a first step, the society is looking into concrete ways to use its resources, including financial, and platform for anti-racist action. The committee has collated a document of resources that we are engaging with to learn how to be better allies, and we encourage others to do the same - the document can be found here. In order to make long-term, thought-out, and sustainable change, the committee is currently assessing the actions of the society and working on a concrete action plan to address racism. 

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