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Meet the Marlowe Society Committee, 2019-2020

The Marlowe Society is run by an executive consisting of students and one Fellow. This committee is elected in Lent term, and is responsible for the artistic direction of the society – they select shows, liaise with individual productions and organise the society’s workshops.

President: Hannah Shury-Smith

Third year, Homerton College, studying English

Favourite piece of theatre?

Inua Ellams’ the ‘Barber Shop Chronicles’. I saw Bijan Sheibani’s production of the show last year at the Roundhouse, and it really encompassed my current feelings about theatre - that it should represent voices that we often silence or appropriate, and encourage younger and more racially diverse audiences to attend and actively participate in a show. 

Sound you hate the most? 

When people scrape cutlery against a plate - honestly, thinking about it makes my blood boil.

Chair: Tim Crib

Fellow Emeritus, Churchill College 


Treasurer: Iulia Tedorescu

Third year, Murray Edwards College, studying English

Favourite word?



Most treasured possession?

Frank’s red hot sauce (the one Dominos uses). I’m allergic to chilli so we have an interesting relationship, but I wouldn’t give it up for the world. 


Where are you happiest?

I’m happiest in the forest, preferably in the mountains, where I can ignore impending global doom and surround myself with birdsong and pine trees- what a typical English student!

Workshops Officer: Vee Tames

Second Year, Newnham College, studying English

What's your favourite piece of theatre you've ever seen?

The Father by Florian Zeller at the Wyndham’s Theatre. It hit close to home and I’m still thinking about it to this day!


What sound or noise do you love?

Babies laughing. Comedy gold. 


What is your least favourite word?


Arts Show Officer: Annika Hilgert

Second Year, Selwyn College, studying Human, Social and Political Sciences

What is your favourite word?

Bo. (its an italian expression for ‘I dont know’)

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?


What's your favourite piece of theatre you've ever seen?

“Nice Fish” by Louis Jenkins and Mary Rylance at St. Ann’s Warehouse, New York

New Writing Officer: Benedict Mulcare

Second Year, Sidney Sussex College, studying English

Most overrated virtue?


What sound or noise do you love?

That video of Björk talking about her TV

Secretary: Louisa Shen

Third year PhD, Newnham College, studying English

Favourite piece of theatre?

What's your favourite piece of theatre you've ever seen?
The Berliner Ensemble's immortal production of Brecht's 'Der Aufhaltsame
Aufstieg des Arturo Ui', directed by Heiner Mueller, but alas on film only.

Least favourite word?
Literally, because people actually mean figuratively when they use it.

Showcase Officer: Hannah Lyall

Third Year, Homerton College, studying Human, Social and Political Sciences

When and where were you happiest?

Anytime I’m in the sea.

Most underrated virtue?


Most overrated virtue?


Workshops Officer: Zara Ramtohul

Second Year, Homerton College, studying Arabic and Spanish

Most treasured possession?

I’m not to sure– in an emergency I’d grab my laptop but I’d much rather say its my soft toy mouse, whose nose is currently falling off…

Least favourite sound?

I hate the sound (and smell…actually mainly smell) of doritos in a small space.

BME Shakespeare Officer: Adédàmọ́lá Láoyè

Second Year, Wolfson College, studying Politics and International Relations

What is your favourite word?

Pathetic fallacy! Okay so, technically, it’s not one word; however,  I’ll have you know it’s a very effective literary device and - more importantly - makes me sound fancy in theatre conversations.

What's your favourite piece of theatre you've ever seen?

The Convert (YoungVic 2018-19), is without a doubt my favourite piece of theatre to date! For a play set in 19th century Zimbabwe, at the height of British colonial rule, and in the midst of the disintegration of Matabeleland, language and cultural practices, it offered such nuanced and discreetly funny storytelling, anchored through the central character, Jekesai, and her journey of self-determination. As a practising Christain, I had a profound amount of internal conflict watching her wrestle between her native cultural heritage, and having a foreign catholic identity imposed upon her.  In my mind, The Convert reaffirmed theatre’s unique ability to invite audiences us to think, feel and most importantly leave inspired.

When and where were you happiest?


It's difficult to single out a particular moment, but I’ve noticed that I’m happiest when I’m acting and/or directing on stage & film, making people laugh, and working in creative collaboration with others!

Communications Officer: Joe Pieri

MPhil in Modern British History, Churchill College

Favourite piece of theatre you've seen?

The closing night of Miss Saigon on the West End - above everything, I was the most impressed when they rode bicycles onstage.

Favourite word?


Sponsorship Officer: Maya Yousif

Third Year, Homerton College, studying Theology

Favourite piece of theatre you've ever seen?

Anatomy of a Suicide by Alice Birch at the Royal Court

Least favourite sound?

Hate the sound of velcro 

Most treasured possession?

My re-usable coffee cup

Technicians' Representative: Ella Pound

Second Year, Girton College, studying English

Favourite piece of theatre you've seen?

Probably Ballyturk by Enda Walsh, or The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (the tech in it is very very cool). 

What is your most treasured possession? 

I have a mug in the shape of Shakespeare’s head. It’s really ugly and I love it.

Technicians' Representative: Annabelle York

Second Year, Girton College, studying Engineering

Greatest achievement?

Every time a cat lets me pet it.

Favourite sound? 

The sound of the kettle boiling at home, I can even hear it from the top of the house!

The Other Prize Officer: Theo Sawkins

Second Year, Kings College, studying Classics