Q&A with Romeo and Juliet director Tom Littler

Marlowe President Molly Yarn and Romeo and Juliet director Tom Littler spoke about this year's Arts Show production. Molly: So, Tom, what speaks to you about Romeo and Juliet, and what drew you to direct it? Tom: I’ve wanted to do this play for a while because I’ve sensed there’s a secret core to it that I’ve wanted to explore. It’s very dark, death-brushed – it’s of course extremely romantic, but there’s something about it that seems to say love is death. The Friar is very acute about that: ‘The earth that’s nature’s mother is her tomb / What is her burying grave, that is her womb.’ Interlocked. Romeo and Juliet can’t stop imagining each other dead. I wanted to find a world and a style to u

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